Clean eating challenge! Pre-holiday edition

Big thanks to our friends at MCF (Menesetung CrossFit) and Coach Bridget for putting this together!
Keep it simple eat cleam

Join us for our next clean eating challenge, it’s time to eat clean and train hard!!!

We have put a little spin on this challenge. We have decided that you will compete in teams of three! This will make each of you accountable to two other people 🙂 We can all use a little extra motivation. Winners will be determined based on teams average improvements in performance, measurements, and daily logs.

We will use a simple point system and winners will receive cash prizes and bragging rights, plus all of the awesomeness that comes with eating clean and being happy.

What you need to do:

  • Signup at the gym
  • Pay $20 entry fee to go towards cash prizes by November 9th. Fee will increase to $30 after the 9th.
  • Pay $40 if you are not a No Drama member
  • There is an option to sign up as an individual, however you will be ineligible to win prizes
  • Communicate with your teammates
  • EAT CLEAN! Keep track of daily points (see below)
  • Be HONEST when recording what you’re eating

Eat Clean

2015 Clean Eating Important Dates

  • Kick-off WOD/measurements: Monday, November 9th, 2015 (daily log points start as of midnight on Sept 8th)
  • Final WOD/measurements: Friday, Dec 4th, 2015 (daily log points end as of midnight on Dec 3rd)

How to Log your points?

Excel Spreadsheet: Clean-Eating-Spreadsheet-November-2015

Printable Version: Daily Log- September 2015 via MCF Fitness



How to Win:

  • Point based winners: Points are achieved for completing WOD’s, eating clean and completing your daily log, and sharing your favourite recipes
  • Eat clean!  Complete the WOD’s! Motivate your teammates! Earn your points!

What can I eat?


  • LEGUMES (no peanuts)
  • PLAIN GREEK YOGURT (limit to 1 cup a day)
  • NATURAL SUGAR (1 tbsp a day of raw honey, maple syrup, or stevia)




Clean Eating Challenge Guidelines- Fall 2015 via MCF Fitness


  • What if I can’t make the kick-off or final WOD? No worries!  You can make it up during a Saturday training session instead.
  • What if I’m traveling/hosting a party/going to a happy hour during the next four weeks?  The time is never going to be exactly right and you’ll always have an excuse.  If you never step up to the challenge, all you’ll have are excuses.
  • What if my question wasn’t answered here?  Email