Competition matters

As we enter the CrossFit Games Open our coaches often encounter resistance from athletes being asked to participate in the Open.

“I am not competitive”

“I don’t want to pay extra to do workouts”

“I am not going to regionals”

“Dave Castro sucks”

So what we do is cheat; you might say no to competing for yourself but you won’t say no to your friends who want you to be on their team. You will do it for someone else.

Why do we at No Drama put so much emphasis on entering the Open? Competition matters.

First let’s outline how competition is different from training:

  1. The rules are outlined prior to starting. Everyone has to follow them.
  2. You don’t get to pick the music.
  3. You don’t get to pick your judge.
  4. You don’t get to select the equipment.
  5. You don’t get to select your lane or start time.
  6. Everybody does the same movements at the same weight and is held to the same standards.

What competition creates is equal opportunity. The athlete is freed from the burden of choice so they can focus on the ONE THING athletes are always able to control – their performance. In this way competition prepares us for the worst things that life throws at us, because no matter what we always get to choose our mindset when confronted with difficulty.

The outcome of competition is an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. You can’t get a 100 hour training result from 10 hours of training. There is no hiding. You experience much more growth because you gain a clear picture of what tools you will need to improve. Overcoming adversity and finding improvement makes you a better person. That’s the mission of No Drama Fitness.

Embrace challenges and remember, we are rooting for you.

The team at No Drama.