Coach Andy Quick Facts

  • Favourite Lift: Deadlift
  • Favourite Benchmark WOD: Grace
  • Favourite Food: Steak
  • Favourite Motto: #fitness
  • Favourite Pastime Outside of CrossFit: Sleep

Meet Anthony Wilkinson — or Coach Andy as he is more commonly referred to. Here's his story...

In the spring of 2007 I was inspired by the physical fortitude seen in the movie “300,” which prompted me to research the actor’s training regimen. This was my introduction to CrossFit.

During this time, I was working as an Information Technology Manager and freelance consultant, meaning 16-20 hours a day in front of a computer. With my weight at an all time high and overwhelming disinterest towards the one and a half hour gym “routine”, I had reached a decision.

As somebody who was very active as a child and played rugby in college, I felt that CrossFit was a program that would not only challenge me, but produce results.

After getting my hands on a weight set, I tried my first CrossFit inspired workout — 21/15/9 of 75 pound push press and a run to the neighbours farm and back. It was awful, and after one year of infrequent workouts and some big changes in my personal life, CrossFit was shelved.

Fast forward to 2010, where I was introduced to James, a new friend who was a chiropractor with strong interest in fitness and athletic performance. We immediately hit it off and enjoyed chatting about various training regimens and modalities. It became clear to us that there was a huge demand for a fitness program that would be unique, challenging and effective.

So, in 2011, the doors to Goderich’s first Crossfit affiliate was opened and people were amazed at how this group of people had somehow transformed into super humans. As the affiliate grew I started thinking about becoming a trainer as I had assisted the coaches many times and enjoyed it. The transition from veteran to coach was made in the summer of 2013 and was long overdue.

Coaching is an incredible opportunity and is very rewarding. As an entrepreneur, a coach and a CrossFit athlete, there is so much more that can be done and can be offered to those who have yet to try the CrossFit program or to those who have the commitment to work out by themselves but lack the support of fellow athletes. This is why I created No Drama Fitness, to introduce new people to the sport of fitness in a safe, supportive, engaging and challenging atmosphere free of judgement and discrimination.

Coach Lisa Quick Facts

  • Favourite Lift: Power Clean
  • Favourite Benchmark WOD: Bear Grylls
  • Favourite Food: green veggies vs lobster
  • Favourite Motto: Throw kindness around like Confetti!
  • Favourite Pastime Outside of CrossFit: Walking the beach

After province hopping for 20 + years my husband retired from the military and we settled in Kincardine.  Suddenly, I found I was no longer the primary Jack chaser as my husband didn’t travel anymore for his career.  When Jack was younger keeping up to him was an endless relay race, I often called him my personal trainer.  With my move to Kincardine, Jack growing up, my new sedentary lifestyle, working from home and approaching a milestone age, I found myself losing strength and starting to worry about my bones.  I wanted to gain strength.  This left me trying out different fitness programs but missing the weightlifting component.  There was no way I was going to walk into a gym by myself and make that up.  

I tried CrossFit and fell hard.  I love the supportive atmosphere of No Drama, fun camaraderie of the small group classes and the challenge of learning Olympic lifts. The progression of other common CrossFit movements like box jumps, wall balls and pull-up are incredibly satisfying.

I have a background teaching art workshops and Zumba classes

When I’m not at No Drama Fitness I can be found throwing sticks for Sam (the dog) on the beach, chauffeuring the boy Jack, in my painting studio or at the Victoria Park Gallery downtown.

Coach Vanje Quick Facts

  • Favuorite Lift: Wall Balls & Rope Climbs
  • Favourite Workout: Anything Full Body & Running
  • Favourite Food: Fresh Baked Cookies
  • Favourite Motto: Something is always better than nothing!
  • Favourite Pastime Outside of Fitness: Reading

I am 35 years old, married to my best friend Tim & the proud mom of 2 girls. Growing up, my Dad was chronically sick.   My parents struggled with many health issues and weight was always a challenge for them and me.  I was determined to understand health to avoid the same challenges facing my parents. In high school I was the athlete, always playing sports. I decided to study Kinesiology & Physical Education at University and I planned to pursue my love of sports too! BUT, I didn’t make the team! I had tried out for varsity volleyball and was the last one cut. I had to figure out my new identity outside of being a part of the team and sport. I fell in love with group fitness classes, became a certified fitness instructor and continued from there. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier I was able to become a certified personal trainer and had the awesome privilege of working as an instructor and trainer for 6 years in Port Elgin & Southampton.  From there I branched into small group training specializing in high intensity interval training and had another awesome 3-4 years gaining experience in the world of boot camp. During that time I was able to gain amazing knowledge and expertise in TRX Suspension Training, I became a Precision Nutrition Level  1 Coach,  a Functional Aging Specialist, and a Functional Movement Specialist also.  (Yes those are fancy words… they basically mean how to be a good mover and how to grow old and move well.)

Fitness then became far more than just managing my weight. Fitness became a mental, emotional and physical priority as I entered into the years of pregnancy and postpartum. Over the past 3 years I have experienced challenging pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum recoveries.  I always new that I got cranky when I didn’t exercise but this took on new meaning. Exercise & eating right could literally make my day better. My focus started to shift.  Exercise for mental health, exercise to take care of myself, exercise to recover.  Moving well to be healthy, strong and feel and think well are now my top priorities. Helping people discover the power of eating well and exercising is my love.  I get so excited to meet new people and introduce them to this world of healthy living- no extremes. Whether you are young or old, healthy or facing health struggles, already moving well or dealing with joint issues and pain. Let’s do it together. Let’s work towards improving and then living well.  🙂  Life has many seasons and my goal is to help people make habits that will support them through every season of life.

Coach Eden Quick Facts

  • Favuorite Lift: Thrusters
  • Favourite Workout: Anything and everything abs & core!
  • Favourite Food: Hamburgers
  • Favourite Motto: Go Leafs Go!
  • Favourite Pastime Outside of Fitness: Playing sports (hockey, baseball, tennis, practicing golf), reading, playing guitar, board games, and trivia!

My five years at the University of Waterloo (where I completed a double degree in French & English: Literature and Rhetoric and a Master of Arts in French) taught me the importance of maintaining a healthy mind/body balance. I always played on at least two intramural sport teams per term and found that stress would dissolve and I could focus better on my work after physical activity.

A couple years working as a teaching assistant for a few different undergrad classes made me realize that I enjoy the teaching side of education just as much as the learning side. And while I loved studying language and literature, my real passion has always been sports. I thrive off the competitive aspect of sports, but I also came to recognize the beneficial impact of athletics on mental health. I sought to foster this awareness in others by participating in a campus-wide initiative that promoted recreation among the student body, and I am passionate about inspiring others to achieve their wellbeing goals, be active, and get involved in fitness groups or athletic teams.

My role as a coach brings me the joy of teaching in an atmosphere that cultivates a healthy mindset toward the body.

I love working with the amazing team of coaches and athletes at No Drama, and I am excited to continue learning about all things fitness!


Coach Phil Quick Facts

  • Favourite movement: Deadlift
  • Favourite workout: Either Tabatas or a workout with three or more movements.
  • Favourite piece of equipment: Barbells
  • Favourite colours: Flat Black and Chrome!
  • Favourite food: BBQ Ribs
  • Favourite quote: “The hardest step is the first one”
  • Favourite thing to do outside the gym: Work on and drive my cars.

I’m 69 years old and newly retired after a 40 year career at Bruce Power. My wife Michelle and I are at the grandparent stage in our lives and are enjoying the times we get to spend with them.

I was never one to be involved in sports growing up, other than a few summers of baseball. In fact, it wasn’t until I was approaching the age of 60 that my “fitness journey” started. Two parallel situations conspired to get me off my butt. The first, my eldest daughter challenged me to do something to mark my 60th birthday and secondly, my employer was implementing a physical fitness component to our job description. (I was working as a Firefighter/First Responder)

After assuring my daughter that I was absolutely not going to go skydiving, we decided that we would train for and then run our first 5K race. I signed up for a “learn to run” class and after a few weeks of practice ran my first race. (Next time you see me in the gym, ask me how that went!😉)
I’m somewhat goal oriented, and my goal that first year of running (yes I kept at it) was to run a sub 30 minute 5k. I succeeded during the last race that year (barely!)

I’ve been fortunate to be able to run many races over the years, both locally and as far away as Savannah, Georgia. And, I made and hit other goals: a 28 minute 5k and to celebrate turning 65 I ran a 5k every day for 13 consecutive days for a total of 65k.

I transitioned to CrossFit almost three years ago when I joined No Drama Fitness. I found the variety of workouts and the class structure to be ideal for me to take my personal fitness to the “next level”! I’m constantly mindful of how good it feels to be able to physically do the workouts as I close in on my next milestone birthday of 70!

I truly believe that age is just a number, and we can be fit at any age! Movement is key! We just need to take that first step.
At No Drama, we can scale any movement of any workout to accommodate any limitations our athletes might have. (I speak from personal experience, as I’ve been doing my workouts with an air cast on my foot for the last two months.)
I’m excited to be working with the coaching staff at the gym and look forward to seeing you all in class.

Coach Lisa D Quick Facts

  • Favourite movement: Hang Power Clean
  • Favourite workout: Big fan of a Tabata, and have recently become a cardio queen!
  • Favourite piece of equipment: Barbells
  • Favourite colours: Purple
  • Favourite food: Has any vegetable had the glow up cauliflower has? Substitute that stuff for anything else
  • Favourite quote: My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure ~ Abraham Lincoln
  • Favourite thing to do outside the gym: Working with children and youth, watching my kids grow up

After serving 20 plus years as a public service worker in social services, children services, Kindergarten and college teaching, I officially took the plunge into self employment in the summer of 2021. My eldest has moved to university in Ottawa and my youngest is just about to drive independently. It's time for me. I always wondered what my entrepreneurial talent could be, and as it turns out, it’s still education, just in a very different format. I currently start my very early mornings enjoying a black coffee with my husband of 20 years, then I do some coaching in my home gym, then off to clean houses. I study and take time for myself every afternoon, and then I provide individualized tutoring services to primary age students every weekday evening. My life is full and enriched from all these experiences. I call it “The Schoolhouse Studio” 🙂 I took quite a journey to get here, starting with a single step on a staircase I definitely couldn’t see the top of, but began with mentoring at No Drama in November 2020. I began with a one hour commute to coach group class at the gym in Kincardine and I thank Covid for the little bubble of time to have less to do so I could pursue new interests. I also thank Andy for taking a leap of faith with me and letting me give it a try. I have since completed my Precision Nutrition coaching certificate and I am currently working on my 200 hour yoga instructors course, expected to be complete in March 2022. I think mobility, functional movement and nutritional fuel are the foundation of a life well lived.  As the looming winter approached, and my family life started to ramp back up with life re-opening again, I decided I could longer commit the time to coach in person at the gym. I do continue to work in my local community with personal training and nutrition clients.