Retain and improve mobility, strength, flexibility and quality of life through regular fitness and strength training. This class is appropriate for those age 50+ or with limited mobility.

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“I enjoy the coaches and people that I work with. I feel 100% better. You get good results and benefit from the workout.”


“I love the intimate groups, fantastic trainers, and great participants. I love how there is always an option to do the exercise in a way that accommodates injury or discomfort. I hope to do small group classes, PT, and possibly nutrition in the next month. (Just had to get my joints going again!)”


“ When we were able to attend the gym again after a long Covid absence, I found myself performing in many movements at levels lower than when I was last physically at the gym, even though I had attended zoom classes regularly.

I mentioned my frustration to Coach Lisa and asked her if she could assess me in some movements and give me an indication of where I should be performing, given my age.

That’s when she introduced me to the Level Method of Assessment. I was anxious to know how I was performing compared to my age group.

What I hadn’t given a lot of thought to, was that perhaps what matters the most is to what levels I could raise my individual performance to.


Coach Lisa explained how enlightening and worthwhile the assessments would be. We had done one or two assessments in our Legends program but I was eager to see the complete comprehensive picture of my abilities in all areas of activity.

I signed up for 4 private training sessions, one per week for 4 weeks. Coach Lisa began by challenging my physical age vs. my chronological age. The results of that in itself, were a real eye opener and confidence booster.

By week 3 & 4, I was wishing I could do week 1 & 2 again, as each week, I pushed myself even more.

After the assessments I found that in our Legends class I would try that more challenging weight, do the extra reps or find a way to modify an activity so I could achieve at a higher level.

Coach Lisa was extremely supportive during the assessments and was even able to trick me into skipping, an activity that I had convinced myself I could not do because of physical limitations. Thank you, Lisa.

I look forward to being able to do some retesting in the future. The Level Method Charts are on the wall in the gym. I encourage anyone who is not familiar with them, to have a look and chat with your coach to see if Level Method Assessments might be helpful to you. “