October 2017 changes at No Drama

Kings & Queens,

Over the last four years, we’ve been proud to introduce changes that will benefit everyone. The Intramural Open, Specialty courses and Advanced Theory Course mean a better experience for everyone! Our commitment to providing expert coaching and sustainable training has remained unchanged.

In our gym, we teach consistency. Every wall ball is done to below parallel; every class starts on time; we can say your fitness is improving because we test using consistent metrics.

Until this point, we’ve had some small inconsistencies, but now we’re remedying that. Our goal is to help all athletes in group training attend consistently. Group training memberships will now be based on three or six training sessions per week. Passes will only be sold at the owner’s discretion to cover short-term absences. The pricing for all group training programs has also been standardized.

Effective October 1, we will stop couples and family discounts. They weren’t being applied consistently, and couldn’t be automated. Since we love you all, we’ll also cease “special case” discounts on that date.

Effective October 1 passes for group training will also be removed from the system. Athletes that have passes remaining will be able to purchase a training plan for October at a discount commensurate with the amount of passes remaining on their profile.

Effective October 1 all new rates will take effect and we have restructured training packages to help athletes access the services that will most help them reach their goals.

If you believe that your case warrants a different arrangement from everyone else in the gym, you can email me directly at anthony@nodramafitness.ca

I am pumped to see all of you succeed this fall and can’t wait to announce our new programs. We are going to celebrate FOUR years of No Drama in style.

Thank you for allowing me to be your full-time coach!
Anthony Wilkinson

*** Membership changes:

All discounts (Couple, Family, etc) removed. They weren’t being applied consistently, and can’t be automated.

Passes removed; all group training members are expected to train consistently for safety and to ensure that all athletes have an opportunity to receive coaching.

Athletes who have been absent from the gym for more than 3 months will be required to undergo assessment before re-entering group training.

Specialty groups will have one rate for the entire session (powerlifting / rowing / gymnastics, etc)

CrossFit (group)
3x a week $139 / month
6x a week $169 / month
8 x month $110 (sold via coaches only)
16 pack removed*
*Passes will be exchanged towards a partial credit on a monthly membership

Legends / Sweat Academy
3x a week $139 / month (align with other group training pricing)

2x a month skill sessions (.5 hr) $80 / month
must have an existing group training membership

SR / INT $139 / month
JR $110 / month

Level 1 $80 / month (signup fee eliminated)
Level 2 $99 / month
Level 3 $120 / month

Personal Training
Single session (.5hr / 1hr) $49 / $69
10 sessions $449 / $629
3x week (recurring .5hr/1hr) $499 / $699

No Drama Front Row
Group 3x week, Nutrition level 2, MacroPlus Meals 5x a week, one skill session $459 / month
Group 6x week, Nutrition level 2, MacroPlus Meals 5x a week, one skill session $499 / month
Personal Training 3x week, Nutrition level 3, MacroPlus Meals 5 x a week $849 / month