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We have dedicated mobile apps that your clients can install and use in your programs together.

Download the app for Apple iPhones: 

Download the app for Android phones: 

The mobile app will work on:

– iPhones using iOS version 12 & up

– Android phones using version 7 & up

(We mention this in case your client has an older version and is reporting trouble installing it.)

Clients using tablets, laptops/computers or other phone operating systems, will access their program dashboard through a web browser.

Your client’s program dashboard looks and works the same in both the mobile app and web browser.

Your clients can bookmark their program dashboard in their browser:

Accessing your ProCoach dashboard (and other PN memberships like your Level 1 Certification program) are accessed through a web browser as well.

How do my clients use it?

These mobile apps were created for your clients to quickly and easily access their program dashboards.

Your new clients will not register to work with you through the mobile app.

[ Note: The option to purchase appears in the Apple mobile app only. This was a requirement to appear in the App Store. We do not recommend directing your clients to this registration pathway. Doing so will randomly pair them with a PN Certified Coach from our Directory. Instead, make your payment arrangements together and proceed with the next steps. ]

Your clients can log in to their program dashboard after they have accepted your invitation. This is the step where they confirm their account (ie. set a password). Their username and password is required for logging into the mobile app.

Your clients will stay logged into the mobile app even if they close it or lock their phone.

Your clients can complete their Intake Questionnaire in the mobile app, or in a browser.

How do my clients use push notifications?

A “push notification” is an alert or message received on your phone.

With this feature, your client sees a banner-like notification on their phone’s screen.

They are “opt-in” meaning that your client needs to enable these in their phone’s settings to receive them:

When your client opens the mobile app the first time, they will see a prompt inviting them to enable push notifications.

Your clients are prompted to “opt in” to push notifications in the mobile app.

When they click the Allow Notifications button, they’ll step through the settings required to enable these on their phone.

Note: Clicking the “Maybe Later” button will prompt your client again in 30 days. ]

On the right, the App notifications on an Android phone.
In the middle, the Notification preferences in the iPhone’s Settings.
On the left, the Your Profile page within the mobile app.

Once they’ve enabled this in their settings, they can now get a push notification:

  • immediately after you send them a direct message
  • in the morning, to prompt them to log in to see today’s Practice card(s)
  • in the afternoon/evening, to remind them to check-in to all of their Practice card(s) today

Both the morning “Practice Prompt” and afternoon/evening “Practice Reminder” notifications can be scheduled by your client.

Your clients enable and schedule these from their Your Profile page in the mobile app.

Push notification are managed in your client’s installed mobile app.

Your client’s time zone is used to schedule notifications. This is also set from their Your Profile page.

Push notifications show up whether the PN Coaching app is opened or closed. Your client does need to be logged in to the mobile app to receive them.

One example of a push notification – a banner displayed at the top while your client has the mobile app opened. 

When your client taps on a push notification “banner”, it will take them directly to the PN Coaching mobile app.

Troubleshooting push notifications

Is your client reporting that the push notifications are not showing up?

See our detailed troubleshooting article here.