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The ULTIMATE bootcamp experience. Only at No Drama Fitness.

Does starting a fitness routine both excite you and make you nervous? Let us calm your nerves without an exhaustive sales pitch, and without spending your first class jumping around in confusion.


Led by an experienced coaches, within a group setting, QuickHIIT is a calorie-burning, interval training class designed to target all levels of clients. With a proven combination of the best HIIT, Core and Functional Training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout customized to your level and your goals. QuickHIIT is guaranteed to make you sweat, shred fat and move you closer to the body you want. It is time to get moving again!

How is QuickHIIT different?

It is our core belief that no matter how good the workout, if you aren’t in the right environment to achieve your best version possible, everyone’s motivation will eventually fade. What started great will once again turn into a short term fad, instead of the much needed long term affect we all need. With the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches leading each dynamic and ideal group class setting, our members are held accountable every single workout to achieve their fitness goals. We take every single member from AVERAGE to AWESOME!.


6am, 9am and 5:15pm Weekdays at No Drama Fitness. Unit 2 160 Mahood Johnston Drive, Kincardine ON.

No minimum experience required. Taught by our staff of expert coaches.


You can sign up for this program TODAY. We do have limited spaces, currently we can take 8 more clients into this program before the waitlist.

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