This class gives opportunity to connect with others but also helps moms make exercise a priority in the week. 

Our Class includes:

Strength Training

Cardio Training

Core Training

& Stretching

Each Woman is coached to work at a level appropriate for herself. All movements are appropriate for Pre & Post Natal Women. Classes are Low Impact, Pelvic Floor + Diastasis Recti Friendly.

At No Drama we are all about movement to promote physical, emotional and mental health. This class will encourage moms to work at a pace that is suitable for their needs and abilities.

Nursing and attending to young ones is always welcome.  Moms will often bring a stroller for younger babies, but toddlers are welcome too. 

If you are postnatal: Recommended to be 8+ months Postpartum 

If you are PreNatal: Must be cleared to exercise by your Doctor.