Client Progress Stories.... They aren't finished yet.

Meet Karen.... We are so proud of the all the huge challenges she has overcome and continues to press forward!

I always said I would start caring for myself once I stopped driving my children around… Taxing 2000kms each week I drove for their provincial gymnastics, provincial soccer teams, hockey team and robotics team in various degrees. - having dinner done and ready to go at noon. Now that they are both in university, I have the time to make myself a priority and better my fitness. 😊 Well that day finally came and I stopped procrastinating and joined No Drama Fitness gym in November 2019. I was unsure of myself and they allowed a youngun to be a newbie in the ‘Legends’ class due to some previous brain & knee surgeries affecting mobility in different ways.

I have always loved lifting weights but I have been scared to join this gym for several years, because the pictures I saw were of thinner people.

The coaches are very encouraging to all participants and help us to see our potential. All classes at No Drama Fitness are wonderful and very inclusive, no matter your abilities. Everyone is willing to help with very supportive, professional and fun staff. I am thankful for Coach Vanje for being an amazing encouragement to exercise more and to exercise with heavier weights, to being a wonderful nutrition coach, for being empathetic, understanding and genuine. She is simply AMAZING! Coach Lisa and Eden are so encouraging as well, seeing my efforts and accommodating any restrictions I have. I make sure I am there for every class, schedule it in my calendar and NOTHING comes in the way of that exercise time.

The physiotherapist, kinesiologist and orthopaedic surgeons are so impressed with my turn around. I finally have time for myself. I have been taking care of others, and now it was time for me to take care of myself too.

It wasn’t until I started the No Drama Fitness nutrition program that I started losing weight. the first 6 months I got stronger, but I weighed the same. The nutrition counselling is supportive and not a diet, I used the hand methodology of the precision nutrition illustration. My nutrition coach is incredibly motivating, thoughtful and caring!!! She holds me accountable. With her encouragement, my focus became this: “just continue to show up.”

I actually had a time period where I stopped snacking! When we want to make big, lasting changes to our eating, our workout routine, and our health, patience is a virtue. Slowing down is what’s required. Enjoy our food, all of it.

There are no mirrors at the gym, nor really in my home. But the couple I have, I take a second glance and say oh, that is what I look like. I have lost 54lbs and 52 inches so far. How did I lose 50lbs in the pandemic?

* Be open to learning (or re-learning) what works for me now

* My body can still do stuff; celebrate that. “Enjoy our bodies” Celebrate yourself - both the things you’re already awesome at, and the successes (even small ones) you’re achieving along the way.

* You are worthy. 🥰

* You can start over every minute, every day. Just keep going.

* Don’t beat yourself up, don’t obsess, don’t punish yourself. Wipe the slate clean every minute, every day, and concentrate on now.

* Act courageous and brave, even if you’re not yet. Amazing things can happen when you find the courage to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

* Do it imperfectly, do it afraid, do it today.

* You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, worth more than you feel and loved more than you know.

* “A diamond is just a lump of coal that stuck with it.”


I have a better quality of life - a better sense of myself.

I would say to those women you can do it, want to work hard, and be happy you are worth it.

To set a goal, focus on it and accomplish it. I have  climbed an uphill battle against depression, anxiety, a brain tumour, deafness, torn knee ligaments three times in 20 years, gallbladder removed, appendicitis, my body has been through a lot. So if I can do it, anyone can!

I decided to take back my power and control. I moderated my nutrition by making sure each meal was a balanced meal and signed up with No Drama fitness. Progress was slow at first, but now I’m going to the gym 6x/week. I’m eating healthier and feeling great!

Being healthy and fit is NOT easy. It has to be your priority and there is a daily commitment to it, just as there is with anything else which creates positive results in life, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! "