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Anthony Wilkinson owner of No Drama Fitness

Anthony Wilkinson


Meet Anthony Wilkinson – or Coach Andy as he is more commonly referred to. Here’s his story… In the spring of 2007 I was inspired by the physical fortitude seen in the movie “300,” which prompted me to research the actor’s training regimen. This was my introduction to CrossFit. During this time, I was working as an Information Technology Manager and freelance consultant, meaning 16-20 hours a day in front of a computer. With my weight at an all time high and overwhelming disinterest towards the one and a half hour gym “routine”, I had reached a decision. As somebody who was very active as a child and played rugby in college, I felt that CrossFit was a program that would not only challenge me, but produce results. After getting my hands on a weight set, I tried my first CrossFit inspired workout – 21/15/9 of 75 pound push press and a run to the neighbors farm and back. It was awful, and after one year of infrequent workouts and some big changes in my personal life, CrossFit was shelved. Fast forward to 2010, where I was introduced to James, a new friend who was a chiropractor with strong interest in fitness and athletic performance. We immediately hit it off and enjoyed chatting about various training regimens and modalities. It became clear to us that there was a huge demand for a fitness program that would be unique, challenging and effective. So, in 2011, the doors to Goderich’s first Crossfit affiliate were opened and people were amazed at how this group of people had somehow transformed into super humans. As the affiliate grew I started thinking about becoming a trainer as I had assisted the coaches many times and enjoyed it. The transition from veteran to coach was made in the summer of 2013 and was long overdue. Coaching is an incredible opportunity and is very rewarding. As an entrepreneur, a coach and a CrossFit athlete, there is so much more that can be done and can be offered to those who have yet to try the CrossFit program or to those who have the commitment to work out by themselves but lack the support of fellow athletes. This is why I created No Drama Fitness, to introduce new people to the sport of fitness in a safe, supportive, engaging and challenging atmosphere free of judgment and discrimination.

Lisa Farrell coach at No Drama Fitness

Lisa Farrell


After province hopping for 20 + years my husband retired from the military and we settled in Kincardine. Suddenly, I found I was no longer the primary Jack chaser as my husband didn’t travel anymore for his career. When Jack was younger keeping up to him was an endless relay race, I often called him my personal trainer. With my move to Kincardine, Jack growing up, my new sedentary lifestyle, working from home and approaching a milestone age, I found myself losing strength and starting to worry about my bones. I wanted to gain strength. This left me trying out different fitness programs but missing the weightlifting component. There was no way I was going to walk into a gym by myself and make that up. I tried CrossFit and fell hard. I love the supportive atmosphere of No Drama, fun camaraderie of the small group classes and the challenge of learning Olympic lifts. The progression of other common CrossFit movements like box jumps, wall balls and pull-ups are incredibly satisfying. I have a background teaching art workshops and Zumba classes When I’m not at No Drama Fitness I can be found throwing sticks for Sam (the dog) on the beach, chauffeuring the boy Jack, in my painting studio or at the Victoria Park Gallery downtown.

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