Our mission is to prepare you for daily physical challenges, build mental resilience, and lay the foundation for a high quality life as you age.

You will be introduced to a combination of body weight exercises, gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio from one of our high quality coaches. Whether your goal is to improve your current quality of life, lose weight or simply become stronger, we can help you achieve that goal. Our constantly varied, scalable programming allows individuals of all levels of fitness to participate and progress over time.

We do not promote diet culture and quick fixes; we believe in hard work, consistency, and a lot of sweat.

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2023 Varsity Programs

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Balance & Fall Prevention

Mondays & Thursdays

10- 10:50 am 

May 1 - May 22, 2023

$145 for twice a week 

⚠️Perceived risk of falling: Just over one-third of Canadians, aged 65 and older (34%), reported being concerned about a future fall. About a third of those who perceived risk of falling had fallen within the past year.⚠️

❓Do you have concerns about falling? 

Come and try our Balance & Fall Prevention Class.

This 45 min class will allow individuals to work at a pace and level appropriate for him/ her. 

It will include exercises to help strengthen balance, improve mobility and improve quality of life while working towards preventing falls. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@nodramafitness.ca  or call 226- 396- 2113

No age limit- if you struggle with balance and coordination due to aging, previous medical issues or are curious to come- all are welcome. 


Ninja Artists' Summer Camp

1:00- 3:00 pm

July 10-14, July 24-28, Aug. 7-11, Aug. 21-25

Ages 6-10

Cost $250/week

This Summer Fitness Camp and Craft will run 4 different sessions for one week at a time. Each session will run Monday to Friday for 2 hours a day: 1pm-3pm. Each day your little ninja will have a full hour of fitness and games. Another hour dedicated to arts and crafts.

These summer classes will include the learning and practice of foundational movement skills which will improve your little ninja's strength, posture and sleep, and enhance their confidence, social skills and sense of achievement.

Kids will have the opportunity to learn new skills and also improve current skills through fun workouts, crafts, and lots of games!

" This class is awesome! I'm going to sign up again! It's a no pressure, go at your own pace class which I love and is so very needed being 9 months post partum.

It's so nice that I can bring my baby with me! There's no way I would be motivated enough to do this on my own.

There's a very encouraging and non judgmental vibe. "


T. R

No Judgement. No Ego. No Drama.

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  • We Don't Care

    We actually care a lot, just not about what you look like, what you weigh, or what you wear. No Drama Fitness runs programs that are broad based and inclusive. Our expert coaches will scale the program to fit you, regardless of fitness level or training background.

  • Form First

    To prevent injuries and obtain maximum benefit from exercise we will train you to perform all movements  with full range of motion and proper form.

  • Athletic Potential

    Our focus is on being better athletes. Our job is to build you up by increasing work capacity (fitness), not tear you down in pursuit of one measurement (such as weight).

  • Growth Mindset

    Continuous small improvements over time lead to large changes. Become a better version of yourself, don’t pursue other people’s goals or needlessly compare performance to others.

  • Mindfulness

    Use the gym as a place to focus entirely on the athletic task at hand. Leave day to day issues outside of the gym.

  • Teamwork

    Be a great training partner, support your teammates by cheering for and encouraging them. Celebrate the successes of others as if they were your own. Respect and maintain the gym’s equipment.

  • Self-Respect

    Commit to a workout schedule, proper nutrition and adequate recovery between training sessions. Accept difficulty and overcome adversity.