We want to help you lead a healthier, happier, stronger lifestyle.

Our mission is to prepare you for daily physical challenges, build mental resilience, and lay the foundation for a high quality life as you age.

You will be introduced to a combination of body weight exercises, gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio from one of our high quality coaches. Whether your goal is to improve your current quality of life, lose weight or simply become stronger, we can help you achieve that goal. Our constantly varied, scalable programming allows individuals of all levels of fitness to participate and progress over time.

We do not promote diet culture and quick fixes; we believe in hard work, consistency, and a lot of sweat.

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No Drama Fitness can be right for you.

This course is for beginner and intermediate runners. ➡️➡️

Wanting to run your first 5K distance, or run a sub 30 minute time?🕧

Are you a current No Drama member who wants to level up from 400M assessments to a timed mile? This course is for you!!!

Come join our amazing and experienced running coaches who want to help you improve or start your running journey!

Start Date: May 8th, 2022

Running 8 weeks until June 26th

Sundays Starting at 11:00 am.

Meeting Location: No Drama Fitness

Rain or shine. We have our gym to continue our training regardless of the weather. BONUS

Open to all beginner and intermediate people!

Non members: $160 Members: $120

This 50 minute class encourages moms to get moving. 🤰👩

This class gives opportunity to connect with others but also helps mothers make exercise a priority in the week.

Within each class there will include lots of walking/ running at a level that is appropriate for you. It will also incorporate strength and core work appropriate for both prenatal and postnatal women.

At No Drama we are all about movement to promote physical, emotional and mental health. This class will encourage mothers to work at a pace that is suitable for their needs and abilities. Little ones will be encouraged to stay in the stroller as much as possible but can come out as needed. Nursing and attending to young ones is completely allowed as needed. If you are Postnatal:

Recommended to be 8+ weeks Postpartum.

If you are Prenatal: Must be cleared to exercise by your Doctor.

Class will be taught by our certified Personal Trainer and Coach Vanje Watson. A working mother of 2 girls herself, she has had 5 years of experience in teaching pre/post natal classes. She has a heart to see moms move as movement became medicine in her own life even more so when she was pre and postnatal herself.

This class does require you to bring your own stroller that can handle side walks/ roads and some loose ground. We will be avoiding off- road as much as possible.

We will be meeting at No Drama Fitness for each class. We plan to work between our open garage gym door and outside. (Any other equipment needed will be provided).

In case of rain we will transition inside as needed. 


No Judgement. No Ego. No Drama.

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  • We Don't Care

    We actually care a lot, just not about what you look like, what you weigh, or what you wear. No Drama Fitness runs programs that are broad based and inclusive. Our expert coaches will scale the program to fit you, regardless of fitness level or training background.

  • Form First

    To prevent injuries and obtain maximum benefit from exercise we will train you to perform all movements  with full range of motion and proper form.

  • Athletic Potential

    Our focus is on being better athletes. Our job is to build you up by increasing work capacity (fitness), not tear you down in pursuit of one measurement (such as weight).

  • Growth Mindset

    Continuous small improvements over time lead to large changes. Become a better version of yourself, don’t pursue other people’s goals or needlessly compare performance to others.

  • Mindfulness

    Use the gym as a place to focus entirely on the athletic task at hand. Leave day to day issues outside of the gym.

  • Teamwork

    Be a great training partner, support your teammates by cheering for and encouraging them. Celebrate the successes of others as if they were your own. Respect and maintain the gym’s equipment.

  • Self-Respect

    Commit to a workout schedule, proper nutrition and adequate recovery between training sessions. Accept difficulty and overcome adversity.