Precision Nutrition Coaching philosophy uses a client-centered, habit-based approach to help clients lose fat, gain strength, and improve their health.  

Our goal is to help people build habits that will help them achieve their goals but then also sustain them. We want to avoid yo-yo dieting and highly restrictive meal plans. We want to work to transform your daily and weekly nutrition habits to ones that will sustain you for life.

We want to help you see the permanent change

you so desire.

Pro Coach is up to a 12 month nutrition and lifestyle coaching program. It includes daily lessons, habits, check ins and more. This is the platform that your coach will use to daily hold you accountable and work towards your goals. The goal is to gradually and permanently transform the way you eat, move and live. 

Daily Habits: 

Every 1-2 weeks you are presented with a new habit, something you are asked to practice every day, to develop a particular nutrition or lifestyle skill.

These habits are explained in detail on day one. And every day after, our app reminds you about the habit.

Daily Habit Check Ins 

Every day you’ll also be asked to record whether or not you practiced the habit.

Consistency is tracked by your nutrition coach.

Daily Lessons & Assignments 

To support the daily habits, our app offers brief lessons in the form of articles, videos, audio files, and/or downloads. You are encouraged and directed by your coach to engage these lessons and assignments to aid in your daily/ weekly progress.

Regular Progress Checks 

Every week or two, you are asked to provide body weight, girths, photos, and other markers of progress, including subjective ones. These are tracked by your coach.